Business Consulting

Doing Business Internationally

Break boundaries for your business and move away from the traditional with our international business services. If you find that your business ceiling is looking lower and your capacity is increasing, it might be a sign that you need to move your business out of the pond that is your local clients. The world is an ocean, and sometimes all you need is a skilled navigator to put you on the path to even greater success.

Our experienced consultants will walk you through the process of going international while skipping you through all the difficult parts.

We will register yourCompany or LLC and more in the country of your choosing and advise on the best registration for your business so you don’t have to worry about the confusing jargon and minute differences.

All companies are unique, and have unique needs, our team of experiences business management consultants streamline your company and manage your systems.

Privacy is important, and in some situations, it isn’t an option. For matters requiring some level of anonymity, we can protect your person by standing in as your nominee.

Administrative work is essential for the healthy operation of any company in any environment. Skip the hassle of having to find the right person to keep your company documents and related tasks organized.

A dedicated business roadmap is en essential foundation to the running of your company, remove your barrier to entry form the business word and access the benefits of success, financing, and more with a business plan tailored to you.

Securing business capital can be a frightening task on your own. Our team of experts can navigate the waters of finding the right investor for you while avoiding the pitfalls of fraud and complicated systems.

Certain offshore jurisdictions now require companies dealing in certain activities to maintain an office with employees. Our international business experts can advise you on requirements and assist you to get your company in compliance.

Company Formation and Management

Even in personal agreements with customers, even if we’re providing a service instead of a product, conducting business is inherently risky. You could be taking on unnecessary liability in business if you’re not operating as a registered company and putting yourself, your family and your hard-earned assets at risk.

Remove yourself from legal gray areas, entrust the formation of your company to your team of advisors at Navagio Intl’. Not only will you be better protected from liabilities, but the doors to proper business tools and opportunities will be opened to you!

We can plan, structure, and register your company in any of the following jurisdictions:

Call us now for a consultation and find out which of these locations suits your company best!

License acquisition services

Business licenses confer many special privileges, the first of which is being allowed to operate freely without encumbrance from local authorities. Licensing your business is also an important step in gaining the trust of your customers and prospects, which will lead you to higher gains and a better brand reputation.

Navagio Intl’ can get you or your business licensed in the following areas:

Don’t see something you’re looking for? Send us a message to find out if we can provide the licensing you need!