Providing consultancy services in several jurisdictions that provide the necessary legal framework for doing business globally. Business Consulting Services Find Out More We have partnered with select international banks offering multi-currency accounts in jurisdictions known for their strong banking regulations. Our aim is to facilitate the process of opening bank accounts, ensuring convenience in conducting business while prioritizing the security and protection of your funds. Bank Account Opening Support Find Out More We provide personalized business services to help new and existing businesses to create a viable business plan that can easily be presented to creditors, banks, and stakeholders that may require such a plan for doing business. Business Plan Development Find Out More Estate planning is an important facet for the family business, family wealth and protection of assets. With proper estate planning, you can protect your assets for future generations. Ask us about Trust and Foundations, and how it can help you. Estate Planning Find Out More
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Navagio Int’l Consulting Services specializes in delivering comprehensive corporate solutions internationally. With a worldwide presence and strategic partnerships in Europe, the Caribbean, and Central America, our firm offers an extensive range of services. These encompass the seamless establishment of international business entities, provision for secretarial services, accounting services, business planning, estate planning, and a host of related services.

Bank Account Opening Support

To support your business, we have partnered with several banks across the Caribbean and Europe. We provide bank introduction and full bank account opening support services. We do our best to guide you through the account opening process to get you up and running your business with little effort on your part.

Funding your New Business

We assist entrepreneurs and businesses in raising investment funds by providing guidance, connection with potential investors, and helping to craft an investment strategy package. Additionally, our expertise in venture capital enables us to support startups at various stages, from seed funding to growth capital, fostering their growth and maximizing their potential for success.

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Navagio provides a host of corporate services in different jurisdictions to its clients. Inquire with us today and get a quote.


As an Introducing Broker, contact us for further information regarding trading accounts in Foreign Exchange, CFDs and Precious Metals. Trade your own funds or ask us about our professional traders.

Real Estate

The Caribbean offers many luxuries and amenities to those you seek to relax or retire in the tropics. Let us know what you’re looking for and your budget, we’ll ensure to find that dream home, condo, or private island you desire.

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